Let's Get Pretty Muddy, Ladies

Remember when you were a kid and getting dirty and muddy was FUN? Guess what – it still is!

On September 15 the Pretty Muddy Mud Run comes to Chicago. This is a non-competitive (unless you want it to be) 5k obstacle course that’s just for the ladies. We can run or walk, but no matter how we get to the finish line one thing’s for sure, we’ll be laughing at the end. And at the end? There’s a party. A Pretty Muddy party.

I say “we” because I’m getting muddy, too! Join me and use code TheLocalTouristDisc to save $10 off the registration fee. I’ll even throw in an “I’m A Local Tourist” cinch bag to the first ten of you so you can cart your valuables through the course! (Just email your confirmation to events@thelocaltourist.com after you’ve ordered.)

Let’s get muddy!







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