Live. Love. Life. – Alice In Hulaland Part 3

This Saturday tantalize your eyes, ears and imagination for a great cause.  Live. Love. Life. – Alice In Hulaland Part 3 will be a fun night of fashion and philanthropy where storybook fantasy meets worldly fashion as Alice travels the globe only to discover home is where the heart is.  From Greece to France, China to Spain…Alice searches for love and life and realizes she had it all in “Hulaland”.  DJ John Grammatis will spin the tunes while Chicago Dance Crash, Bollywood Groove, Aloha Chicago will engage your senses.  This year’s Live. Love. Life. benefits the Northwestern Memorial Foundation and the Department of Neurology for research of degenerative brain disease.

This is the third annual Live. Love. Life. event and has a particular significance because the event founder, Jane Monzures, recently lost her mother to Corticabasal Syndrome.  Barbara Monzures managed to live with this awful disease for four years while maintaining her dignity and pride as she lost mobility, cognitive function and the ability to do the things she loved most.  

There are no drugs specific to this desease and there is no cure for this rare brain degeneration.  Your financial support can offer a ray of hope for many people.

The Mission of Live. Love. Life. is to generate awareness and support for a variety of issues that affect Chicago area families in need through community engagement.  Your participation and support is greatly appreciated.

Tickets are $125 and can be purchased HERE.






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