Living (Not So) Dangerously

Fugu, or blowfish as it’s more commonly known, is a potentially lethal delicacy from Japan. If it’s not prepared properly, toxins will render the victims paralyzed but completely conscious and they die from asphyxiation. There’s no known antidote, so it’s even more important to get it from a trained and certified chef.

In the Midwest, there are only two restaurants that are allowed to serve Fugu. If you’re feeling adventurous, or are familiar with the Japanese favorite and anxiously wait for blowfish season, Ai is offering it on Fridays and Saturdays through February.

Fugu Usuzukuri $35 Paper thin fugu sashimi and cooked fugu skin gelatin served with chives and ponzu sauce

Fugu Anko Nabe $30 per table Blowfish, Monkfish casserole with assorted Japanese vegetables and tofu. The soup in the casserole is later mixed with rice to make a porridge dish. (24 hours notice required)

Hire Sake $15 Dried fugu skin served in hot sake. The sake is torched to bring out the fish flavor.

Ai 358 West Ontario St 312.335.9888






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