Local Band Loses Equipment In Floods

Many people and businesses suffered damage from last weekend’s storms. One local band lost almost all of their equipment and they need your help.

The Branded’s practice space flooded with four and a half feet of water after the downpour. The room looks like, and is, a disaster area, with pieces of the ceiling on the floor, water marks at chest level, and guitars and monitors and microphones strewn all over after floating in the dirty water. Now they need to replace basically everything. For any band this would be a catastrophe, but the loss hits this band in particular because they use a lot of extra audio-visual in their show. In addition to replacing their guitars, bass, microphones, drums, amps, speakers,cables, etc., they also have to replace televisions, risers, and monitors. As they said in an email sent to their fans “basically everything that they need to perform for you has been destroyed.”  It’s a nightmare.

There’s a sense of urgency because these guys have a show at The Metro on August 14. Many local bands have stepped up to loan them equipment but they definitely need more. If you’d like to help out, donate at http://funds.gofundme.com/Thebranded/Floodloss or contact them via email at info@thebrandedmusic.com

The picture above is their practice space now. Here’s a video them in the same place shot back in April. As you watch, notice how much equipment these four guys use.







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