Local Business Spotlight: Tam's Carpets

When is a rug more than a rug? When it’s a work of art that ties your entire room together. The idea of having a custom carpet that’s color-coordinated with your furnishings may seem the stuff of which interior design dreams are made, but Tam Wimolvan Vidulich hopes to make those dreams realities.

[]Tam is the creative force behind Tam’s Carpets. Showcased at her Two Fish Gallery in the Ravenswood neighborhood, her rugs are hand-tufted and made of 100% New Zealand wool. They are organized into collections, and each design can be made in multiple dimensions and with custom colors. Her designs, as she says, “aren’t shrinking violets”. They’re bold and each has a distinct personality.

She got her start in carpets while working at a large firm. She was assigned to design the carpet for the common hallway and junction on an executive-level floor for one of her firms’ clients. Although she was nervous, her design was so successful that from that point on carpets were hers.


As an Interior Architect and Designer, Tam uses the skills required for both to pull a room together. She has turned those skills to creating collections that can be customized while remaining more affordable. At a set price of $49 per square foot these rugs can grace your home for far less than you might expect. She keeps the price low by not only limiting the markup but by also working with one manufacturer. Located in Thailand, where Tam is from, they work to her exact specifications.

This also ensures the quality of the rugs. She has someone on site at the manufacturer to approve each rug before it’s shipped. In these details you can see how tightly woven the wool is:



You can see Tam’s work at tamscarpets.com or at her gallery. In the meantime, here are some tips she’s provided for your search for the perfect rug.

1.   Keep Color in Mind

When adding a carpet to a furnished room, Vidulich recommends taking your existing color scheme into account and choosing an accent color to play up. If you’re starting from scratch, she suggests selecting a color scheme and one piece of furniture to build around.

2.   Materials Matter

Vidulich recommends checking the material on any rug before buying. Natural fibers such as wool, sisal and bamboo are resilient and easy to maintain.

3.   Size It Up

To visualize the room with a rug, Vidulich says to create a template by combining recycled newspaper or fabric remnants on the floor in lieu of the rug to help you determine the shape and size you’ll need. 

4.   Be Prepared

Vidulich recommends bringing fabric samples, paint chips or color swatches during your shopping trip.

5.   Room to Breathe

When choosing a rug for under a dining table, the rug should be approximately three feet beyond the edge of the table to allow for chair movement.







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