LOKaL impresses at Chef's Table

LOKaL hosted the first Chef’s Table of 2011, and they set the bar high for the rest of the year’s events! A sold out room enjoyed seven courses of individual tastings, and each one was delicious and surprising. These were carefully paired with drinks that matched perfectly. LOKaL did an amazing job and I know everyone who attended will be returning for more!

Our first course was butternut squash pierogi topped with caramelized onions and hazelnuts. Served with prosecco, it was both sweet and savory.

Butternut squash pierogi from LOKaL

Our second tasting was a serving of mussels with crispy bacon, shaved fennel, royal trumpets, and herb vodka creamy broth. It’s difficult to do mussels well, and they prepare them splendidly.

Mussels at LOKaL

Next was the bison grass cured salmon served with lemon preserve. Bison grass is actually a European botanical, and Zubrowka vodka is infused with it. The combination of the lemon preserve, the salmon, and the smooth chilled shot of vodka was perfect!

Following that we had goat cheese risotto. One of the guests doesn’t even like risotto, but she said she’d be back for a whole serving of this!

Goat Cheese Risotto from LOKaL

That was a hard dish to top, but then we had seared diver scallop with kluski noodles, melted leeks, peppered pears, and tomato jam.

Seared diver scallop at LOKaL

Their pork belly is slow roasted for hours and served with potato bread.

Pork Belly with potato bread at LOKaL

And finally, our meal finished with thinly sliced bison steak prepared a perfect medium rare, served over horseradish mashed potatoes, topped with caraway braised red cabbage, and dressed with a natural demi. Magnificent!

Bison steak at LOKaL

The entire experience was impressive. Chef/owners Gosnia Pieniazek and Artur Wnorowski and partner Piotr Hermanowski made sure the evening was perfect. Chef Ruben Porrez did a phenomenal job preparing such delightful dishes, and Tom kept us apprised of each course and took care of us even while also serving the other guests in the restaurant.

LOKaL is a restaurant I can unequivocally recommend. The cuisine is unique and delicious, the environment is warm despite its minimalistic decor, and the staff is gracious. To see their menu and to learn about their tastings on Mondays and other specials, visit their website.

Our next Chef’s Table will be at redFLAME Pizzeria. RSVP to get your seat at the table!







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