Lolla-gagging all weekend long

I’m going to Lollapalooza. G-O-I-N-G. And in a way (if I do this right), so are you.

Last year I sort of went to Lolla. It was my first year and I went with my good friend Cara Carriveau (who just happens to be WTMX’s daytime DJ and was voted Best Personality in Illinois. She rocks.). Let me tell you, I was totally and completely spoiled. We had access to the Music Lounge, which is where the artists hang out and is chock full of giveaways and pampering. I spent more time getting facials and hair cuts and massages and getting my phone tattooed than I think I did at the actual concert. It’s easy to do – after all, there’s air conditioning and free drinks.

Of course, there are also free drinks in the media section at the actual fest. (More booze – better reviews?) So I spent a lot of time there, also. Hey, I’m an entrepreneur; I don’t have a discretionary budget for festival beers.

Anyway, this year I’m going with Cara again, but this time we’re going to do it up right. Granted, lounging is fun, but it’s not really experiencing this music fest to dwarf all other Chicago music fests. That doesn’t mean we’re skipping any of the cool stuff. In fact, we’re starting tonight with Perez Hilton’s One Night In Chicago party at the Hard Rock. Then we’ve got a full schedule of bands to see each day, followed by after parties each night.

Honestly, I’m just hoping to survive the weekend.

And lucky you get to follow along and see if I’m a rock star or a train wreck. I’m going to be live blogging from my phone, and if you really want play by play action follow me on Twitter.

Of course, this also serves as a warning to just walk away until Monday…






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