Lollapalooza is here! I’ll be heading to the fest shortly with my bag full of essentials:

  1. Phone It’s a phone! It’s a camera! It’s the #1 Lolla-ssential (besides tickets, of course).
  2. Phone charger Energizer bunny smart phones are not. This is a necessity.
  3. Rain poncho Remember last year? 
  4. Eye drops A day in the heat and sun will make anybody’s baby blues red and scratchy, even without a few adult beverages
  5. Sun screen (face and body) A sunburn is not the souvenir of choice!
  6. Anti-chafing cream Trust me.
  7. Deodorant See above.
  8. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer One word: port-o-potty
  9. Bandages Always a good idea
  10. Ear plugs When at a concert? Ditto.
  11. Small fan This one goes around my neck for a quick cool down
  12. Spray bottle fan This should probably go up at the top of the list. Whoever invented this is BRILLIANT.
    The rest of the stuff is for the after parties, ’cause after a day in Grant Park I could use a little freshening up!
  13. Wrinkle-resistant dress Ball it up, throw it in the bottom of the bag, and then come 10pm presto chango!
  14. Travel sized face cleanser Heat, sun, dirt, sweat, ewww
  15. Travel sized makeup Now put all the pretty stuff back on!
  16. Cinch bag To carry it all!

And you’re set! If, like me, you’ve got no fashion sense throw a fanny pack in there so you can get to the really important stuff quickly.

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