Lollapalooza 2011: Rock Stars & Mud Baths

Attending Lollapalooza on a media pass is a different experience, to say the least. You get access to many of the musicians and invitations to private parties. When it’s raining you take refuge in a tent; when it’s blazing hot you cool off at the Hard Rock. Almost everywhere you turn there’s free food and booze. 

It’s awesome.

But, it’s also work and despite being at a music festival you may not hear a whole lot of music.. I shadowed Cara Carriveau, mid-day DJ at 101.9 The Mix, throughout the weekend and between interviews and rain we saw very few bands perform. Full disclosure: in addition to our mutual respect professionally, we’re also great friends and this is an experience we look forward to sharing every year.

So what’s it like to be media at one of the world’s largest music festivals? I’ll show you! The photo gallery below gives you an inside glimpse of what it’s like to cover Lollapalooza.






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