Loopy For Looptopia

That will be me around 8am tomorrow morning. Loopy.

I’m part of the NBC5 Street Team. We’re a group of crazy Chicagoans who try to squeeze two weeks’ worth of activities into one night on a regular basis. With Looptopia we’ve got a sanctioned reason for doing so, and several of us will be live blogging throughout the night. Check often to see what’s going on. It’s actually already started and I’ll be heading down at 7pm and will be exploring with Jim Grillo from Here’s Chicago.

I’ve been challenged by a friend of mine to stay up all night, until the very end at 8am tomorrow morning. Since I have a reputation to live up to (my nickname in Indianapolis before I moved to Chicago was Rock Star), I have accepted his challenge. Follow me on Twitter to see how I’m holding up!

p.s. Looptopia’s site is either crashing or moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Your best bet is to visit one of the information booths. If you plan on staying after midnight you’ll need to get a wristband.






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