Lou Mitchell's

You can’t help but love a diner. Especially when that diner gives you Milk Duds while you’re waiting and a basket of donut holes makes its way around the restaurant.

Lou Mitchell’s is famous for those quirky treats, and for its popularity with the power brokers of the city. It’s also known for its scrambled eggs and omelets.

My parents, my son and I visited the diner for a late breakfast/early lunch. Mom and I shared the spinach and feta omelet. Fluffy, just enough spinach to make me feel I was eating something healthy, and the feta was folded in so my lactose-intolerant mother could scrape it out (and give it to me). The side of bacon was a bit on the tough side (bacon – tough? That was a new experience.) and my dad’s sausage was a little bland, but his scrambled eggs were also light and fluffy. My son, who has a tendency of getting the most expensive item on the menu no matter where we dine, got the marinated skirt steak sandwich. I don’t expect a skirt steak to be as tender as a filet, but this one was a bit tough, especially for a marinated steak. The flavor was good even if he did have to work at it a little.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t expect to be blown away by the food. It was good, not great; satisfying, not memorable. It’s a diner, for heaven’s sake. I did, however, expect quick and feisty service. The feisty we got; quick – not so much. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I didn’t see our server gabbing away with regulars or standing by the line complaining about various clientele and their half-caf/half-decaf egg-white only can I substitute a salad for the fries high maintenance orders. She was just plain busy.

That being said, I will go again. The omelet was darn good and I want to try the banana pancakes.

(p.s. They don’t accept any credit cards and the ATM inside charges a $2 fee whether it’s your bank or not. Bring cash.)

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Lou Mitchell’s
565 W Jackson Blvd






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