Lovehammers bring Hammerfest to The House Of Blues

Chicago has a plethora of concerts to choose from, especially in the summer.  But this Saturday June 1 the choice is crystal clear: Hammerfest 2013 at The House Of Blues.  According to Lovehammers lead singer Marty Casey the lighting show alone “will knock you out of your time zone”.  And of course the music will blow you away.  Lovehammers sure know how to rock!  “Hammerfest is the epic extravaganza we have been building towards since the inception of the festival about 10 years ago,” adds Casey.  Fans from all over the world are coming in to hear Lovehammers perform songs spanning the entire career of the band (7 albums) and also to hang with each other.  It’s a well know fact that Hammerheads are like family with one another and even with the band members.  One of the most endearing qualities of Lovehammers is their close relationship with their fans.   

LovehammersI’ve been a fan of Lovehammers for many years.  Lots bands come and go but these guys have been together for the long haul.  Lead singer Marty Casey first became friends with drummer Bobby Kourelis and bass player Dino Kourelis way back when they played little league together in 1982 in Hickory Hills.  Dino and Bobby are brothers by blood but the the entire band (also including guitarist Billy Sawilchik) are as close as brothers.  And their fans are also treated like family.  Actually, it’s their relationship with their fans that impress me the most.  Way back when they first started out they welcomed fans to their house for after concert parties (oh, the stories…there’s a legendary story about a pigs head…).  To this day, after every show they hang out with their fans either at the venue or at some kind of after party.  The guys in the band are on a first name basis with many of their fans.  And the fans have become good friends with each other.  It’s amazing how music, and one band in particular, can bond people together.

Lovehammers always like to give other bands exposure at Hammerfest.  This year catch Vintage Blue, Superbig and Ockham’s Razor before Lovehammers hit the stage.  Comedian Kyle Chrise will also join the fun, providing some comedy between band sets.

Whether you first got turned onto Lovehammers back in the early days when they were known as the Swinging Lovehammers…or if you discovered them when Marty Casey became a fan favorite (and landed in second place) years ago on Rockstar INXS…or you want to discover new music…the phrase “getting hammered” will take on a whole new meaning Saturday night at Hammerfest 2013.  Tickets start at just $22.50.  All ages, doors open at 6pm.






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