Lunch may not be free, but it's really, really cheap

If you’re looking for a good lunch that’s affordable in River North, La Madia is the place to go. In this case, “affordable” and “River North” are not mutually exclusive. The Italian pizza place offers lunch for two for $15. You get a choice of “Beginnings”, which could be a large salad, a tray of olives, or pizza fondue. Then you can choose one of their signature pizzas. Highly recommended: the Pepperoni, the taleggio with 3-hour roasted grapes, and the shaved artichoke with reggiano parmesan and garlic. My new favorite is the Coach Farm goat cheese with melted leeks, garlic and pancetta. They’ll even do half-and-half (sauced pizzas can be combined, and non-sauced pizzas can be combined, but no sauce and non-sauce). Add their wine of the week, either a red or a white, for only five bucks and you’ve got a River North lunch without River North prices.






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