Magnificent Meat: Where to Find Steakhouses Near the Magnificent Mile

In downtown Chicago there are so many steakhouses you can practically see the cattle drive, and several of them are located near the Magnificent Mile. Hey – shopping is hungry work!

At Lawry’s there’s no need to wait for Sunday for prime rib. They’ve been serving their specialty in Chicago since 1974. Fun fact: Michael Jordan signed his first contract at Lawrys. And speaking of his airness, he’s got his very own steakhouse on the Mag Mile. As you can imagine, the bar’s a good place if you want to watch the game.

For those who really, REALLY like meat, head to Texas de Brazil. This Brazilian-American churascarria features gauchos with skewers of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, and you can eat as much as you want. They’ll keep coming until you tell them to stop. (Try the lamb. And the beef ribs. And the…)

If you prefer to try something local, visit Rosebud Steakhouse. Just east of Michigan Avenue past the Drake Hotel, this “petal” of the Rosebud family of restaurants is a traditional Chicago steakhouse that offers lunch, dinner, and happy hour.

TLTip: Speaking of happy hour… If you’re on a budget, a surprising number of restaurants and bars, even in this tony neighborhood, offer great deals on weekdays. Check out The Local Tourist’s Food & Drink Specials section and you can search by day of the week and by location.

There are many, many more steakhouses in this area. Within one mile of the Magnificent Mile there are over fifty! Check out our map and directory of steakhouses to find more.

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