Making Free Appetizers Fun

Emails from restaurants are pretty typical. “Here are our specials; here are our upcoming events; make your reservations now.” Then there’s Sapori Trattoria.

This week their patio opened, so instead of sending out just “Our patio is open!” they sent this:

Hi Theresa,
Chef Anthony Here –and I thought I would share in the good news.  Our OUTDOOR PATIO is finally OPEN today.  
Yes,  The PATIO is finally open for the year.   There’s More…
 PS  TO COMMEMORATE THIS GREAT ACHIEVEMENT IN  RED TAPE MASTERY,  FREE APPETIZERS on the patio (M thru Thursday only) and one per table please.  
Also, It would be nice if you ordered something else as well! 
At your service chef Anthony

PPS Yes,  Free Apps and a surprise door prize twice a day. Surprise yes, surprise.
As always, focused on your dining pleasure, yada, yada, yada.
Chef A.

Calandar of Events:
Mond:  Regular Menu or Family Style
Tues:  Regular Menu or Italian Tapas             Live Conversation Friendly Jazz
Weds: Nothing Special going on
Thurs:  Same as Weds.
Walk in or Reserve online

I particularly like the “yada, yada, yada”. Yes, there are typos and misspellings. But, at the risk of encouraging such misbehavior, those are part of its charm. I may be biased because I’ve been on Chef A’s mailing list for quite some time. He mails frequent notes with a print that’s supposed to look like handwriting. Every year I get a Happy Birthday missive with a special discount (in fact, just got one!). And I’ll always be forever charmed after a surprise a couple of years ago. I made reservations on a late Friday afternoon for that evening and told them it was a birthday dinner. When we arrived, they presented menus to us with a custom “Happy Birthday” message including my friend’s name emblazoned across the top.

I haven’t been there in awhile. Does that mean all of that marketing doesn’t work? No. Because while I haven’t been there recently, that’s more a function of my job and the fact that I rarely go back to a place more than once. But, my job is to help people figure out where to go and Sapori Trattoria is a place I recommend. Typos and all.

Hint: try the mussels. They’re pictured right up there.






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