Masters Of Contemporary Woodturning Opens November 5

Woodturning has been around for centuries, but in the last few decades it’s been coming into its own as an art form. Vale Craft Gallery in Chicago’s prestigious River North Gallery District is honoring those at the top of the field with the first “Masters of Contemporary Woodturning”.

This exhibition will showcase twelve woodturning superstars and rising luminaries from November 5 through November 27. More than half of the represented artists will be at the opening on the 5th from 5 to 8pm, and you can meet these artists who create with “material that is often destined to be thrown away, buried or burned” works of art worthy of admiration and collection. 

These artists are American, English, Vietnamese and Canadian. Their influences range from pre-Columbian pottery to an ancient Chinese poetry translator to M.C. Escher to Frank Zappa. They have backgrounds in engineering, electronic banking equipment, and hang-gliders. They’ve been turning from a scant two years to an impressive thirty-four. But one thing they all have in common is their ability to create works of art out of something as simple as a tree branch, and from now until the opening we’ll be featuring these artists so you can see samples of their work and get to know a little about their roots. 

Participating Artists:


  • Stephen Hatcher
  • Cindy Drozda
  • Alan Carter
  • David Belser
  • Joey Richardson
  • Art Liestman
  • Jennifer Shirley
  • Clay Foster
  • Binh Pho
  • John Jordan


Full disclosure: TLT is a media sponsor for the event, and featured artist and co-curator Alan Carter is my daddy.

Photo: piece by Jennifer Shirley






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