Michael Phelps Is A Couch Potato

You wouldn’t think of the man who’s won more gold medals than any other as a couch potato, but that’s exactly what he calls himself.

At the Chicago2016Channel live interview last night, Michael Phelps was asked what he would be if he weren’t a swimmer. Without hesitation, he said

“A couch potato.”

His answer took me by surprise. I was sitting in the front row at the press conference, and it was the last thing I expected to hear from the down to earth Olympian. I had to wonder if it’s because the world’s greatest swimmer is just tired. Since his monumental physical effort in Beijing, he’s been to Portugal, London, New York and Florida. That would make anyone want to sit on a couch and veg out to reruns.

I was surprised because this is the same guy who trained two hours a day on the stationary bike while his was wrist was broken because the cast kept his whole body out of the pool, and then more hours with a kickboard in the water. And this is the same guy who started a foundation to teach kids how to swim so he could help reduce the number of accidental drownings. And the same one who wants to share the great experiences he’s had with these kids, and to elevate the sport of swimming.

Instead, it sounds like someone who’s driven, focused, and dedicated.

Since he doesn’t plan on swimming a day after his 30th birthday, he’ll have plenty of time to be that couch potato. But somehow, I just don’t think that’s going to happen.






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