More Barbecue than the Mall can Handle

Kinfork had a bit of a problem. Although their full name is Kinfork BBQ and Tap, they couldn’t cook a whole lot of the BBQ. The problem was that they’re located in a mall. Under the mall offices, in fact. Because they’re in an enclosed space with lots of other tenants a smoker just wouldn’t be very neighborly. But a barbecue joint with no smoker? That’s just wrong.

Bubba to the rescue!

Bubba is their brand new mobile smoker. He’s parked outside the Woodfield Mall restaurant, and they just unveiled their new menu featuring some smoky treats. At a recent tasting I tried a whole mess of items from their menu, and let me tell you, this elevates “mall” dining and is a destination in its own right. The ribs are meaty and tender. The mac ‘n cheese is topped with pulled pork, and the smoked links are smokin’. Prices are decent, with appetizers running from $8 to $13, half-pound burgers for $11 to $13, and items that Bubba smoked starting at $15 for the meatloaf and up to $27 for a combo of three items.

While you’re there make sure to check out their craft beer selection and their cocktails. Since they opened they’ve had Church Street Brewing on tap, which just goes to show they’ve got great taste. They’ve also got some delicious craft cocktails, including a killer old fashioned, and tasty Moonshine drinks. Barbecue and moonshine – sounds like a perfect way to relax after shopping to me!

Check out this sampling of what they have to offer, and then make a date with Bubba yourself.






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