Namaste at InterContinental with CorePower

Early Saturday morning found me poolside at InterContinental Chicago, in the heart of Magnificent Mile. Why am I here? While admittedly not the Sporty Spice, I am here to spend an hour doing yoga. It’s been a long week, and getting centered first thing in the morning seems like a great idea. Lucky for me, InterContinental has partnered with CorePower Yoga to offer “Getting Centered” summer yoga class series beside their beautifully renovated pool. Yoga with a view? Yes, please.


Taught by CorePower professional instructors, these classes take place every second Saturday of the month through September. They are free of charge and open to the public. Free yoga! No excuses. Time to get bendy.


The pool area is kept quite warm, so the class almost feels like hot yoga. Mats, towels and water are provided, and the locker rooms and showers are available. Why not get centered? Do something good for yourself. 

Poolside Yoga

On my visit, Stephanie, our instructor, plays The Beatles as the soundtrack of class. Did you know that violence went down during The Beatles hayday? Anything to bring about more peace is great in my book. Stephanie keeps a swift pace, providing instruction and adjustments for all skill levels. Trust me, if a beginner like me survived an hour of almost hot yoga, you can do it too. Among the poses we worked through was Dancer, a pose meant to bring about balance amidst chaos. That struck me. I want that. For everyone.

Balance Amidst Chaos

After a lot of yoga and a little core work to boot, I am sweaty yet feeling energized and clear minded. I am more focused, my muscles are warmed through and fatigued, but in a good way. Time for final savasana, or relaxation pose, my favorite part of yoga. As I lay on my mat, eyes closed, Stephanie fans my face with a towel scented with aromatherapy oils. Pure unadulterated bliss, if you ask me. Namaste.

View from the pool

On the way to the locker room I look at the view out of the window. It is breathtaking and clear, a most spectacular day beckoning. I smile and head out to face it, rejuvenated. Namaste indeed.

InterContinental is located at 505 N. Michigan Avenue. CorePower Yoga studios have multiple locations in the Chicagoland area. 

All photos by Gourmet Rambler.






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