Naughty Little Cabaret Is A Bachelorette Party Dream

When a close friend is getting married and you’ve been the one chosen to arrange the bachelorette party, it’s quite a responsibility.  When the brides mother is the matron of honor and will be part of the festivities, that adds an additional layer of stress.  What can we do that is crazy fun yet won’t be too uncomfortable for the mother or the bride because her mother is there?  Thankfully, in this situation the mother of the bride truly is one of the girls and wound up being the life of the party.  But, the issue still hung in air…where to throw the party?  That was a conundrum that the kind folks at Naughty Little Cabaret solved by inviting us to their show.

Naughty Little Cabaret is the only Chicago male burlesque and variety show.  It is naughty enough that I am not posting pictures from the performance.  But, not too naughty as the mother had a blast!  It treads the line perfectly.  If you’ve seen Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under performances, this show is a bit more layered.  The biggest difference is that not only men dance, there are also plenty of women in the show.  And it was the real-looking women (they did not have barbie-perfect measurements) who earned the biggest applause.  They were not only talented but struck a chord with the many bachelorette parties in the audience who were simply out to have fun.  That’s not to say the men were not sexy and great performers.  Oh yes, they had all the right moves and seemed to make eye contact with each person in the audience.  Of course they did some themed dances that surely addressed the fantasies of most of the women cheering them on.  There were a few surprises during the show that I don’t want to give away which is why this description is somewhat vague.  Suffice to say, if you are wondering where to head out for a bachelorette party or any girls night out (there were also a few dates in the audience) Naughty Little Cabaret is the perfect destination.  There were many bachelorette parties the night we attended and clearly the ladies all enjoyed themselves immensely.  In fact, watching the crazy girls in the audience added to the entertainment!

Naughty Little Cabaret performs at The Original Mother’s every Saturday and select Fridays.  You can also add belly dancing, pole dancing or burlesque dancing classes to your experience.  It’s a great location, because when the performance is over you can stay at Mother’s or bar hop along the Rush/Division corridor without worrying about transportation.  Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.






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