Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Navy Pier Reaches New Heights with Centennial Wheel

This year Navy Pier is celebrating one hundred years. To be ready for the next century they’ve been doing some major renovating. New restaurants, new boardwalk, new park, and a brand new Ferris wheel.

The Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave, is nearly 200 feet tall and can accommodate 420 passengers in its 42 gondalas, which makes it 50 feet taller and with room for 180 more passengers than the previous attraction. I was on the first go-round for the media preview and I can personally tell you that in addition to being bigger and taller, the overall experience is a vast improvement. Here’s why:

  • It’s climate controlled.
  • There are floor-to-ceiling doors. That  close.
  • No dried up chewing gum on the supports (seriously – why do people do that?).
  • The ride is smoooooth.
  • The view from 200 feet up is even better than before.
  • It’s safer. This wheel is the same model as the one in Hong Kong, which is built to withstand typhoon-strength winds.
  • Did I mention it’s climate controlled? This means it can run all year round. More importantly it’s nice and cool inside when it’s nice and hot outside.

Tickets are onsale at Navy Pier and online for $15. Upgrade to a day pass and you can ride the carousel, the swings, the Centennial Wheel, and other Navy Pier Park attractions as many times as you want for $35.

Ride the Wheel for Free!

Save the date: June 14 & 28 and August 9 & 23, 10 a.m. to noon you can ride the Centennial Wheel for free!

Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

Stay tuned as we bring you more news on Navy Pier’s renovation this year, including everything you can eat and drink and the new hotel!

The View from Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

Navy Pier






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