Grant Park | Museum Campus

Whether you reside in the city or are visiting from out of town, you’ll most likely find yourself in Grant Park at some point or another. This expanse of green grass, landscaped gardens, paved walkways and incredible views of the skyline is often referred to as Chicago’s “front yard.” The park provides a beautiful setting to enjoy downtown, out from under the towering skyscrapers and away from the hectic traffic, plus it is the main site for many of Chicago’s large-scale celebrations. On special occasions crowds gather along Columbus Drive, which serves as the official parade route for select holiday processions, the favorite being St. Patrick’s Day.

Teeming with green, spectators tap into their inner Irish and cheer on the train of parade participants who throw shiny beads, wrapped candy and other trinkets to the onlookers as bagpipe brigades and school marching bands play traditional tunes. During the summer, Grant Park fills with music lovers for Blues Fest, the Jazz Festival, the Latin Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Vendors sell food, drinks and souvenirs, while a first-rate roster of performers take their turn on stage. For the best sampling of Chicago’s culinary arts, nothing tops the Taste of Chicago. This mammoth food festival attracts appetites from all over the Midwest and for a week and a half you can dine on as many classic Chicago bites as you can handle without ever entering a single restaurant.

High on the list of Chicago “must-sees” is the Field Museum. Planted proudly at the base of Roosevelt Road, the enormous museum complex stands as one of the only surviving structures from the 1893 World’s Fair. It is a beautiful reminder of the grandeur of Chicago’s yesteryear and continues to be a symbol of the city’s cultural backdrop. Just beyond the museum perimeter is an interesting melding of Romanesque architecture and twenty-first century renovations, known as Soldier Field. This undeniable oddity, which looks like a spaceship landed on an ancient coliseum, is home turf for Chicago Bears football fans and a captivating example of Chicago’s innovative architectural accomplishments.

Grant Park/Museum Campus is an exciting neighborhood to experience, full of timeless Chicago sites more than a century in the making.

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