New Year's Royal Treatment at Hyatt Regency

Up until Saturday I had never gone out for New Year’s Eve in Chicago. When I worked in the restaurants I’d get off after midnight, and since then I’ve generally stayed home. I did go to a house party once, but that’s not really going out out. I’d never done the bar package or the hotel package, those all-inclusive evenings that make you really glad that New Year’s Day is a holiday.

Until 2011. And now I am completely spoiled.

Hyatt Regency Chicago and TLT gave tickets away to their NYE Ballroom Blitz party, and lucky me was able to attend as well. My weekend actually started on Friday, when J-D (a.k.a. Mafia Hairdresser) colored and highlighted and cut and coiffed my tresses. My hair went from frizzy and washed out to smooth and vibrant. The man is a genius!

Early Saturday afternoon we checked into the hotel, pleasantly surprised when we were told we had a Junior King Suite in the East Tower. Talk about dee-luxe accomodations in the sky! This was our view:

View from suite at Hyatt Regency Chicago

We spent the afternoon relaxing until it was time to head to BIG Bar for a VIP Champagne Reception. There we met with fellow bloggers and the winner of our ticket giveaway, Jennifer Hedrick:

The Local Tourist with NYE Ballroom Blitz winner

Johanna Cook, Melissa Pierce, and Theresa Carter ham it up before NYE Ballroom Blitz

After some laughs and glasses of bubbly we headed downstairs for the real party. 7th Heaven was rocking in the ballroom and the tables were already full of people dining on chicken, pasta, salad, and roast beef. After I shot a few photos of the band, we filled up our own plates and then found a spot in the big hall.

7th Heaven performing at NYE Ballroom Blitz

Hot Pasta at NYE Ballroom Blitz

Downstairs DJ Sye Young was spinning tunes from the 70s through now and everyone was dancing. I’m sure that was helped by the many bars lining the room. One of the complaints I’ve heard about hotel parties is that there aren’t enough bars. That certainly is not the case at the Hyatt Regecy.

Bar stations at NYE Ballroom Blitz

Throughout the night various entertainers took the stage with Young. There was a breakdancer, a percussionist, and a hip hop artist that all kept the party lively.


Back upstairs 7th Heaven will still going at it. They had a four-hour gig that night and were energetic the entire time. One of my favorite parts was their “30 Songs In 30 Minutes”. I was amazed as they seamlessly transitioned from song to song, every single one of them sing-alongs. 

At Midnight everyone was given a glass of champagne and toasted the new year as confetti fell from the ceiling.

Midnight at NYE Ballroom Blitz

The next day we woke up fairly early – we had a great room to enjoy, after all! – and celebrated with the lovely bottle of champagne that showed up in our room the night before. After a delightful room service breakfast of eggs benedict, smoked salmon, and those mimosas we checked out in the early afternoon.

Did I mention I was spoiled?

My first New Year’s Eve out in Chicago was an unmitigated success. My hat is off to everyone at Hyatt Regency Chicago for being such fantastic hosts, and for knowing how to throw a great party.

Happy New Year!

All photos taken by ME! You can see more in the gallery below:







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