A Hidden Gem: Bob Katzman’s Magazine Museum

Have you ever walked into a store and thought “How is it possible I didn’t know about this place?” 

That happened to me recently when I entered at 4906 Oakton Street in Skokie. You will be fantastically overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of history for sale and for viewing. 

When you walk in you will be welcomed by Bob who will amaze you with his knowledge of history, not only locally, but worldwide. He will ask what your interests are so he can help find things that will interest you. I have taken my kids in several times and they love it and are fascinated by something new every time.

In addition to an astounding amount of magazines, you will also find movie posters, flags, maps, and books. In my discussions with Bob, I discovered some of the creative reasons people visit his store. Think theme parties, teaching aids, decorations, time travel, or a very unique gift.

As Bob says “People can’t imagine what it means to someone to receive a magazine from the week or month that they were born, that’s not a magazine it’s an emotion.”

Every time my girls and I go in there we learn something new from Bob, we find something new that fascinates and interests us, and it’s always so much more than ‘shopping’….it’s time travel.


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Amy Zagroba

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind ~Dr. Seuss

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