Lollapalooza After Party Tickets are Still Available

Sometimes all of the music at Lollapalooza just feeds your insatiable appetite for music and you need more.

Or, you couldn't get tickets to Lollapalooza before it sold out.  That's the beauty of official Lollapalooza after-shows - the music never stops.  Most after shows are sold out but shockingly you may be able to score tickets of Calvin Harris or Iggy Azalea at Studio Paris.  See the full list of official Lollapalooza after-shows HERE.

By the way, this year there are so many sweet choices of Lolla merchandise to choose from it's really tough to decide what to buy.  You can even buy a Lolla bike!  A hoodie with speakers seems like the perfect thing but they also have speaker sneakers, do I really need both?  Check out the sweet selection HERE.

Hard to believe Lollapalooza is less than two weeks away. Time to stock up on glitter eye liner...

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