Riot Fest Offers A Ticket Layaway Option

Riot Fest has just answered this Mother's prayers.  My teenage daughter wants to save up all summer to go to Riot Fest in September so she asked me to buy a ticket for her and she would pay me back.  Thanks to Riot Fest's new now I don't have to shell out any money!  This is such a great option if you're on a budget.

Here's the deal: will be charged in four installments if you purchase in June (plan 1), or three installments if you purchase in July (plan 2).

PLAN 1 - June (On Sale Now)
1st Payment - 25% + fees
2nd Payment - 25%
3rd Payment - 25%
4th Payment - 25%

PLAN 2 - July (Available July 1st)
1st Payment - 34% + fees
2nd Payment - 33%
3rd Payment - 33%

Keep in mind that there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges.  All incomplete payments will not be refunded. Non payment will result in the loss of all monies paid and cancellation of your order, so make sure you don't miss a payment or you'll totally miss Riot Fest.

Riot Fest 2014 Ticket Layaway

1400 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Humboldt Park
How Much: 


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