Bud, Burgers and Benevolence

UPDATE: RESERVATIONS ARE FULL FOR THIS POP-UP. HOWEVER, you can still make a donation by texting BURGER to 36413. Thanks to Hope Bertram for the tip!


Your lunch game is about to step way up this week, Loop dwellers! Hear ye, hear ye: has landed, and it wants to feed you. All of you. The in demand lunch pop-up returns this year with juicy burger creations from lauded Chicago chefs, complemented by ice cold Budweiser. Where? 6 South Clark Street. Next door to Bank of America. When? Lunchtime July 18th through July 22nd. Cost? Five measly bucks, y'all. A crisp Lincoln will get you an ice cold Bud and a gourmet burger of your choice (and not the sample sliders pictured, A FULL SIZE BURGER!)

Hosted for four days only, this burger-and-beer centric event showcases a choice of four different burgers from four Chicago chefs. Who is feeding ya? Brace yourselves. Stepping up to the plate:

Chef Danny Grant of  with his double trouble Downstairs burger (two patties, Cheddar, pickles, red onion, Dijonnaise);
Chef Todd Stein of  with The Royale (two patties, white American cheese, pickled onions, garlic aioli);
Chef Mike Sheerin of  with Charred Nacho burger (single patty topped with tortilla chips, spicy ground beef, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, lettuce, sour cream, queso fundido & Pepper Jack);
Chef Rob Levitt of  with The Butcher Bomb (Bacon! Fat! Mayonnaise! Pepper Jack, grilled onions, ketchup).

Vegetarian? Don't fret. A stellar black bean burger is waiting for you.

We at The Local Tourist got to sample the goods and are still recovering from the burger coma. But I mean, someone had to do the research, amirite?

Best part of all, folks: ALL OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BENEFIT . The foundation supports education efforts of the families of wounded and fallen soldiers. Honoring their sacrifice, educating their legacy. Isn't it high time your lunch made a difference?

Bottom line, folks, is this: here is your chance to grab a Bud & a stellar burger for not much more than pocket change, while practicing the lost art of benevolence by helping those in need. We all could use a little "Love thy neighbor" these days, don't you agree? 

Bud & Burgers Pop-up is located at 6 S. Clark street in Chicago's Loop.

The Local Tourist burger coma courtesy of .

All photos by Gourmet Rambler.

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