Do you always have time to make a good breakfast? Ever don’t feel like it? On one of my recent lazy days I took the family and stopped into Corner Bakery for a bite. What many people don’t know is that Corner Bakery has over 40 fresh fruit and veggies delivered daily and fresh ingredients usually translate into some pretty tasty food. Since I normally only stop in for some soup or a mini bunt cake, I was interested to see what breakfast would be like.

New to the menu is the Garden Gate Scrambler and features all-natural chicken apple sausage, fresh spinach, mushrooms, peppers, cheddar cheese and eggs scrambled to order over an open flame. The new scrambler is served with harvest toast and choice of oven-roasted potatoes or fresh fruit. What is obvious is that everything is made fresh and that nothing has been sitting around. My eggs were fluffy and still a touch creamy, which means they weren’t overdone and rubbery.

I was craving something sweet so I grabbed the blueberry hand pie and was I pleasantly surprised! If you’re old enough to have ever had those Hostess pie’s that came in the paper wrapper then you know what a hand pie is. Now picture that pie and make it 10x better and you’ll know why I loved this! Tender crust filled with blueberries and a sweet glaze, yum!

After some shopping with the family craving for another hand pie was in order but I figured I would try one of their new sandwiches as well. I chose the roast beef & goat cheese sandwich with tender roast beef, fresh arugula, tomatoes, tangy goat cheese and balsamic onions. The sandwich had a nice tang from the goat cheese and the onions and is definitely a better option than that place that delivers freaky fast. Ok so now I get to try the peach hand pie! Same tender crust but instead of a glaze there are large sugar crystals on top and a peach filling instead of blueberry. While I still enjoyed the peach the blueberry is clearly the star. The blueberry pie had more filling and more flavor, but I wouldn’t fault you for going with the peach.

So thanks Corner Bakery for giving me a great option for breakfast on days when I am on the go or just too lazy to do it myself. Anyone in the same boat as me should definitely swing by and grab some breakfast. After writing this I think I’m going to grab a blueberry hand pie now!