New Year’s Eve is a time of year when people like to get dolled up and have a nice dinner before heading to a late night party to ring in the New Year. Even if you’re budget conscious throughout the year, on this particular night you’re more inclined to choose fine dining. So the wife and I got ourselves looking’ fancy and headed to Chicago Prime.


I love fancy steak dinners so I made sure to eat fruits and salads throughout the day to make sure I could fully enjoy my fancy pants meal! We arrive for our 7:45 reservation and in typical NYE fashion we waited 20 minutes before our table was ready. Once seated it took 10 minutes before our server acknowledged us. We put in drink orders and he was gone for another 15 minutes.


Tonight’s appetizer was the spicy Thai buffalo shrimp. Four large shrimp were glazed in a spicy buffalo sauce and topped with scallions to add some onion bite. Off to a good start with the food…if only our waiter would be more attentive. After we flag him down I was surprised that he did not offer to bring out the meat tray or make any mention of how the meat was prepared and/or aged. Hmmm most prime steakhouses do this, oh well.


My wedge salad came and I was surprised that it came on a warm plate and with a sad amount on blue cheese dressing. I couldn’t get a hold of my server but one of the food runners gladly brought more dressing. The salad wasn’t bad but I’ve certainly had better elsewhere. French onion soup was also sampled and again it was ok but I’ve had better. The soup was actually super thick and almost didn’t feel like soup.


Normally I love bone in Rib eye steaks and I understand that I am gonna pay $40 for it. When I checked the menu and saw that it was $50 I was pretty surprised. As I glanced over the menu I noticed that they are priced higher than Gibson’s, Shula’s, and other fine dining steakhouses! I opted for the steak Diane which was two 3oz filets in a creamy mushroom cognac sauce. The filets were tender but it was a pretty small portion. My double baked potato was huge as expected and did satisfy my potato craving. My wife chose the steak and crab cake which was tender but again the filet was pretty tiny. She opted for the onion straws and I gotta tell ya, these were the worst onion straws I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t taste onion! They were dry, bland, and kinda reminded me of cardboard.


Gotta end the night with dessert no matter what. I ordered the crème brule and my wife ordered the apple purse. When reading the description for the crème brule it said the sugar was torched to order and was topped with seasonal berries. Our server dropped off the desserts and quickly left. That’s funny, no berries. I cracked the sugar crust and noticed that both the sugar crust and custard were ice cold. The flavor was good but normally there is still a little residual heat from the brule. This thing was obviously torched earlier and refrigerated. When I asked my server about my berries he said they were out. Shouldn’t I have been told that in the first place? The apple purse was like a giant apple strudel and was filled with warm apples that were very mushy and disappointing.


Normally a server drops off you check and says “I’ll take it when you’re ready” or “Take your time.” Our server said “Can you settle this right away I gotta go to my other job.” Well that explains a lot doesn’t it? We got poor service because this guy double booked himself! Dinner for two with tip was $230 and easily could have been $300+ if I ordered the rib eye or if we had more than one drink. So the next day I went on their website and told them of our less than stellar experience. Well it’s been 30+ days and I have yet to get a response! So what’s my final take? When you spend $200+ for two people you expect great food and great service. What we received was average food and poor service. In the world of high end steak there are plenty of better options out there. Rating * and ½ out of



1444 Algonquin Rd

Schaumburg, IL 60173



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