Miku Sushi - Home of the Sushi Donut

New food crazes continue to show up in Chicago, and one of the newest is the sushi donut. The sushi donut made its splash in California and now in Lincoln Square has added it to their menu.  Miku Sushi is a short walk on Lincoln Avenue from the Brown Line Western stop and is offering a wide variety of options.

I had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon lunch and experience what Miku Sushi has to offer. The menu is extensive and has something for everyone to enjoy. I asked my server what was recommended and requested one of each. The table started off with what Miku Sushi is quickly becoming known for: their sushi donut!

A beautiful circular creation was set on our table and everyone pulled out their cameras. It was fun to decide which part of the donut to try. I took a part of the salmon, a few slices of avocado and the rice to go with it. I was blown away by the bite I had. The salmon was nicely chilled and the sushi rice had a lush buttery texture to it that was heaven on the tongue. Next up, was the Spicy Tuna Ravioli with house lemon soy sauce, tempura crunch and spicy crab meat wrapped in thinly sliced avocado.

When it arrived at the table everyone was blown away by the presentation of the dish, because it was beautiful. The dish looked nothing like traditional ravioli and the thinly sliced avocado enveloped the spicy tuna perfectly. The next dish brought to the table was Tuna Poke and lightly fried spring roll wrappers. Just as elegant as the first dish and even more delicious, the table passed it around and enjoyed it to the last bite. As we finished the poke, another plate arrived with three little spoons of heaven.  We were delighted to try the bacon wrapped scallops topped with chopped scallop and king crab cream. The table unanimously decided this was an amazing dish. I remember thinking, “I could eat this over and over again!”

With our appetizers devoured the table decided what to order next. Each person ordered a different roll to share, so we’d be sure to get a sampling of what Miku has to offer. We were also treated to variety of other options available on the menu. First up, we had two different Ramen dishes that were satisfying and filling.

Both options are sure to hit the spot if you’re craving a big bowl of ramen. The next dish to arrive was a sampling of a bento box offered as part of their lunch special offered daily. Included in the bento box was pot stickers, teriyaki chicken (diners can choose their protein), 4 pieces of maki sushi and house salad. It’s surely enough filling food for the busy Chicagoan out for lunch. Coming on the heels of the bento box were the different rolls ordered by the table. First to arrive was the Robusuta with lobster, fried banana, red tobiko wrapped inside-out with crispy rice topped with micro green and spicy honey mayo. The Robusuta roll was a pleasant surprise. I I didn’t know what to expect when the menu description included lobster and fried banana in the same roll, but it was nothing short of amazing. And our second roll was the Flaming Dragon with shrimp tempura, salmon, super white tuna, red and black tobiko and scallions served on flaming plate.

Sheer presentation of this roll was over the top. The flavors of the shrimp tempura, salmon and white tuna meld together for a savory bite that you can’t get enough of. Both rolls are show stoppers and meals within themselves. They are sure to have guests coming back over and over again, bringing all their friends who love sushi. I know I will be. As the last piece of roll was being eaten, our server came to the table with a dish that looked like a crown and held jewels of the sea.

We had a bountiful sashimi plate that had something for everyone at the table, including super white tuna, squid, salmon and other tasty bites. Everyone at the table took their favorite pieces and savored every bite.

As our meal came to an end, we were blown away by the amazing sushi we devoured over the course of our lunch and talked about how we couldn’t wait to come back. I can’t recommend Miku Sushi enough to friends who live in the city.  If you happen to be in Lincoln Square and want a place to go, head into Miku sushi and try anything on the menu.

| 4514 N. Lincoln Ave. | Chicago | 773.654.1277

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Miku Sushi Chicago
4514 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Owners Stanley Liem and Sara Katekaew are a talented team. We do things that Japanese people in Chicago expect and our American guests now look forward to.

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