Chef Kevin Hickey's New Role: Director of Food & Beverage of Rockit Ranch

Three months after Chef Kevin Hickey opened Bottlefork in River North, Chef Kevin Hickey is taking on a new role as the Director of Food & Beverage for Rockit Ranch and a Partner in the business.

In September Chef Hickey left his 18-year career with the Four Seasons and promised big plans for Bottlefork, including an overlapping food and beverage program.

Since the restaurant opened in mid-February, Chef Hickey has delivered on his promises with a solid food and beverage menu that even the snootiest of foodies will enjoy.

After achieving his goals - and establishing a great beer with Begyle Brewery - we speculate his new role will require him to roll out similar programs for Rockit’s other venues.

Bottlefork announced the promotion Wednesday evening via Twitter and while exact details are sparse, stay tuned for more information.

I’ve interacted with Chef Hickey a few times, including Baconfest 2014, and have always been impressed. He’s a fun and creative chef and that will only help the Rockit brand. 

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