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Guitarist extraordinaires, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang, made their way to Ravinia in Highland Park on Sunday night to rock the crowd with amazing blues tunes.

A mainstay in River North for over 10 years, Prosecco closed in March without much fanfare to conduct a major renovation.  

Dining on the Chicago River at River Roast

The Beer Dinner Social at River Roast, featuring beers from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and special dishes from Chef Cedric Harden is outstanding.

Country Thunder, the nation's biggest annual country music festival will soon roll into southeastern Wisconsin with a powerful lineup and plenty of fun sure to please everyone.  

Fry The Coop   Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich

Today is National Fried Chicken Day.  What better way to celebrate than to check out the hottest trend…both figuratively and literally…in chicken than to indulge in some Nashville Fried Chicken at Fry the Coop (5128 95th St, Oak Lawn)?

Diner Grill

The Diner Grill suffered a fire in December 2016 that shut it down. Almost two long years later, it’s reopened.

Great Food for the Greater Good


“We believe in great food for the greater good.”

Friday night was sizzling at Ravinia in Highland Park when Grammy Award winner, Bryan Adams, performed to a packed crowd.

Chicagoans love brunch, so the bar is high on good brunch spots. Artango Bar and Steakhouse does not disappoint. Their brunch menu is every bit as high quality as their dinner.

Food sources continue to make headlines as small farms struggle to compete with Big Agriculture.

Dining al fresco is one of my favorite things to do. There is just something about a great meal in the fresh air that can’t be beat.

I am convinced far in the future, culinary scholars will look back on the late 20th century as a hallmark of innovative cuisine based not on the floating balloon desert at Alinea, nor the revolutionary Oysters and Pearls at the French Laundry, not even the spherical melon caviar from E

Wells Street Market

The new Wells Street Market defies a couple of conventions. First, that a food-centered marketplace has to be cuisine centric, like Eataly, or Latinicity.

Reid Bar

Chicago needs more bars like the Reid Bar, street level in River Roast, on LaSalle by the river. Reid is part of River Roast but it’s also not. River Roast is a bi-level restaurant. You walk in then walk downstairs to dine.

In the upstairs event space over Bad Hunter, hosted and properly boozed by Hendricks Gin and their gin-teacup-holster-sporting Ambassador, Mattias Horseman, Time


AIRE, a sleek lounge at the top of Hyatt Centric, is back for another season of breezy cocktailing. Chin-chin!


Lifeline Theatre presents Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, an epic quest for the hero within.

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