A Gluten Free Italian Date (in Chicago)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 8:20am

“Where the h(*& do you take a gluten free date?” I asked a buddy over a thick crust pizza. As a pasta and pizza lover, most of my dates selfishly start at an Italian restaurant but for a gluten free date that might as well be punishment.

I could practically hear her saying, “So you’re making me eat a salad, while you stuff your face with pasta? It looks like I’m going to need some wine, ASAP.”

Then I spent some time looking at Quartino Ristorante’s menu. It’s packed with gluten free options, nearly 60 items, including gluten free pasta.

There are items across every sector of the menu and they range from salads featuring imported Mozzarella and fresh Angus beef, to Tuscan Sausage Risotto and dates wrapped in pancetta, stuffed with Gorgonzola Dolce and drizzled with honey.

All of the dishes have authentic regional preparations and the dishes are meant to be shared, allowing you to try a few of the house-cured salumi and olive starters before diving into a mixture of vegetable, seafood, poultry and meat items.

And don’t be surprised if Chef John Coletta stops by your table to say hello. He’s your designated wingman, as everyone that enters his restaurant is treated like family.

Pair any one of the gluten fresh dishes with a nice bottle of wine and the rest is up to you. (What?!? Chef Coletta can’t do everything for you!)

Click here to view Quartino Ristorante’s full gluten free menu. Photo by Donna Binbek Photography


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