The InterContinental’s colossal exterior and Moorish architecture projects a mixture of mystery and intrigue. Home to some of Chicago's most elaborate weddings and a Michigan Avenue oasis for the elite, the building was built in 1929 as a luxury men’s club, but the hotel’s newly renovated Presidential Suite feels residential.  

Walk into the suite’s main 35th floor entrance and you’re immediately greeted with a beautiful palette of light whites and deep grays. The colors and intricate patterns scheme reflect the suite’s impressive views of the Chicago River, historic Chicago Tribune Tower, and the Wrigley building. 

The 1,700 square foot, two-story suite includes a master bedroom, with separate entrance on the 36th floor, media lounge, library, dining room, living room and small residential-style kitchen. Ideal for executives that need a large space for both meetings and guests, or leisure travelers that want the feeling of home, the newly renovated space is versatile and welcoming.

Balancing the original design and contemporary refinement, the Simeone Deary Design Group of Chicago led the interior design work. The firm’s credentials include luxury hotels in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and closer to home, a number of penthouses in River North and along Lake Shore Dive.

With this type of experience, it’s no surprise the Presidential Suite feels like a Lake Shore Drive apartment.

After buying the property in 1988, InterContinental Hotels spent 12 years and a quarter of a billion dollars renovating the building. Fourteen years later it’s good the see the hotel remains a truly magnificent space.

Prices vary based on the time of year, but expect the suite to start around $1,100 per night.