Milkshakes for Charity at DMK Burger Bar

What’s the easiest way to help a 3-year-old heart transplant patient? It’s as easy as ordering a Fairy Float milkshake from DMK Burger Bar.

Tomorrow through the end of the month, DMK’s Lakeview and Lombard locations are teaming up with  to offer a very special milkshake for Emma, a little girl who recently had a heart transplant.

Emma’s dream milkshake is named “The Fairy Float” and it features ginger ale and pineapple juice poured over lime sherbet.

The special shake is part of DMK Burger Bar's 365 Days of Giving program and 100% of the proceeds will go towards Emma’s dream adventure: Disney World!  

So drink up, because it’s a win for everyone. You get a tasty shake for $5. Emma goes to Disney World. Everyone has fun!


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