Six Must Watch Chicago Blackhawks Home Games (2014-2015)

Keep your Sharp and Toews jerseys close, the Chicago Blackhawks just released their and the first preseason game is only three months away.

After an incredible season, the new schedule includes another January 1 appearance in the Winter Classic, and 41 chances to see the Hawks at the United Center. If you’re hoping to make it to a game or two this season, here are five games you need to consider.

Tues., Sept. 23 vs. the Red Wings at the United Center

Yes, it’s a preseason game, but for fans looking to get a taste of Blackhawks action without the heft ticket prices, preseason games are a good option.

Sat., Oct. 11 vs. Sabres at the United Center

This will be Chicago’s first close look at the team during a game that matters. Expect the first home game of the year to be a loud one.

Wed., Dec. 3 vs Blues at the United Center

The Blues return to Chicago seven months after the Hawks destroyed their Stanley Cup hopes. Expect St. Louis to be out for blood. 

Mon., Feb. 9 vs. Coyotes at the United Center

The Arizona Coyotes kick off the Blackhawks’ longest home stretch for the season, eight games. Except for two games at the end of Feb., the Hawks will be on home ice for nearly a month.

Mon., March 30 vs. LA Kings at the United Center

The Kings return to Chicago for an end of the season match up that will hopefully prove that Chicago is aiming for their crown and the Stanley Cup.


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