If you don’t have an Uber or Lyft account, now might be the time to snag one. The taxi hailing app Hailo is shutting down service in Chicago, and across the US. Instead, the app is shifting its resources to Europe and Asia.

Founded by three taxi drivers and based in London, the taxi app was designed to eliminate the hassle of flagging a cab and reducing the amount of time drivers cruise through the city with an empty car. 

According to a blog post on Hailo’s website, they haven’t set a date for the official Chicago shutdown and in the meantime users can still use the app. The company will send users an e-mail and a note in the app prior to the service shut down.

One of the deciding factors for this decision is the “astronomical marketing costs being spent to compete.”

With Uber at nearly every festival, it’s safe to assume that each Uber beer cozy given to fest goers was really a nail in Hailo’s coffin.