A Unique View from the Top of the John Hancock Antennas

Chicago 360 has an impressive view 1,030 feet above Michigan Ave. Add on a few extra floors and the massive 350 foot tall antennas and you suddenly have a view from 1,500. A view ironworker Danny Drozd captured for all of us.

The South Loop resident strapped a GoPro camera to his helmet on August 6 as he prepped the Hancock’s west antenna for partial dismantlement. The 12 minute video offers some incredible views of the city and gives us a glimpse into the stead footwork needed when you’re standing on the tip of Chicago’s fourth tallest building. 

The YouTube video has been almost 190,000 times and in an interview with , Drozd said he plans to post more videos when things settle down.


Photo source: YouTube video.

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