Photo: McHenry Outdoor Theatre

Heading to the drive in movie theater is the stuff of which summer memories are made. There's something enticing about watching a movie from the comfort of your car as the soundtrack is broadcast through your own personal sound system.

If you're a new parent, you can actually take your baby to the movies and not worry about disturbing anyone else. And while bench seats are no longer the norm, taking your date to the drive-in still makes for a romantic night.

If you want to see drive in movies, Chicago has two one* in the area. McHenry Outdoor Theater offers double features of family-friendly movies. Here's everything you need to know about a night at the drive in. 

*Cascade is now closed, so there's only one drive in movie theater near Chicago.

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Popcorn is one of the snacks you can get at the drive in movie theater

Things to know before visiting Drive In Movie Theaters:

The audio is broadcast through FM radio, so make sure yours is working. You can also get a radio from the box office, but those are limited and there may be an extra charge.

Sitting on the roof of your car isn't allowed.

Nor is popping the hatch above the roof of your vehicle. Both block other viewers and that's just not cool.

You can, however, bring snacks.

But you don't have to, because they have concession stands. Nachos, anyone?

You can bring chairs to sit on instead of your car, but keep them in your space.

No spot saving!

No booze or drugs. (Duh.)

Get there early to make sure you get the best spot.

Cascade Drive In Movie Theater

Drive-In Movie Theater Chicago


Vintage car with snacks at the drive in movie theater

McHenry Outdoor Theatre
1510 Chapel Hill Rd, McHenry, IL (847)362-3011

For over sixty years this theater has been showing movies in the great outdoors, and if you want, you can listen to the movie through authentic old-time speakers!

You can also tune in on your car radio, or bring one so you don't drain your battery. Come hungry; they're known for their concessions.

An evening at the drive-in is a fun escape for dates, friends, and families. If you've got any tips for visiting the drive-in, or some favorite memories, please share in the comments!

There are two drive in movie theaters in the Chicago area. Both offer double features of family-friendly movies. Here's everything you need to know about a night at the drive in.  #Chicago #USA #Midwest #Movies