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Ceviche trio at Artango Bar & Steakhouse
Monday, November 27, 2017 - 11:08am

As soon as you walk into Artango Bar & Steakhouse, you know you're in for a treat. The decor is alluring and elegant, the rich tones exuding warmth. It almost feels like an embrace, like you've stepped into another world and another time.

Mural at Artango


Dining Room at Artango Bar & Steakhouse

The room sets the stage for both a delightful culinary experience and an entertaining evening. The menu is Argentinian, with specialties like ceviche, empanadas and tender steak. Their cocktail list is a showstopping selection of Probition-era standards, Latin American classics, and Signature creations, and the wines originate from Argentina, Italy, and France

While the food alone should put Artango on your dining map, what sets this place apart from other restaurants is the entertainment. Thursday through Sunday guests are treated to live music, either Latin jazz or Tango.

If you dine on Tuesday, you can take advantage of their free Tango lesson. Our Chef's Table event was on a Tuesday, and I was amazed at the quality of the instruction. Many (many) years ago, I taught dance, including Tango, and seeing this hour and a half-long lesson was a delight.

Artango treated our guests to a broad tasting of their menu, and one thing I heard over and over again was how good the food was. Tour the photos below, and I guarantee you'll want to make reservations for your trip to Argentina, Artango-style. 

Welcoming Cocktail


Guests were invited to select a cocktail from the menu, and I chose the Gaucho, a tasty drink made of yerba mate gin, cruz de fuego mezcal, stolen smoked rum, organic matcha tea, demerara syrup, egg white, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Despite the combination of three types of liquor, it was well-balanced and refreshing. One sip and I could tell their bartender was a talented mixologist. 
Gaucho yerba mate gin, cruz de fuego mezcal, stolen smoked rum, organic matcha tea, demerara syrup, egg white, fresh squeezed lemon juice

With flaky crusts and flavorful fillings, these Empanadas were a delicious start to the dinner.


Empanadas at Artango

Fresh and beautiful, the Trio de ceviche (shrimp, tuna, red snapper) was served with plantain chips.


Ceviche Trio at Artango Bar & Steakhouse


Plantain chips at Artango

The Eggplant Caviar with fried polenta was surprising. I'm not a huge fan of eggplant, so I would not have ordered this before trying it. Now I would.


Eggplant caviar at Artango Steakhouse

With brie cheese, butternut squash, cherries, candied hazelnuts, honey vinaigrette, this Endive Salad was not nearly big enough. (Just kidding - I just wanted more!)


Endive Salad at Artango Bar & Steakhouse

As a carnivore, I probably would not have tried the Quinoa Risotto as an entree, and that would have been my loss. This was considered by many to be the best dish of the night, and that's saying something.


Quinoa Risotto

With many paellas, the individual ingredients get lost becaue there are so many. Not so with Argango's Seafood Paella. You can taste each flavor, including the saffron.


Seafood Paella

Grilled Duck with Malbec - cherry sauce and seasonal veggies - need I say more?


Grilled Duck with Malbec - cherry sauce and seasonal veggies

You know how I mentioned I'm a carnivore? THIS: Argentine Asado (taste of grilled meats, sausages, grilled chicken)


Argentine Asado (taste of grilled meats, sausages, grilled chicken)

I often say I'm not a fan of Flan, but then I try this beautiful dish and I think that, just maybe, I am.



Spice cake. With ice cream.


Spice Cake with ice cream at Artango Brar & Steakhouse

Just when I though I couldn't eat anymore, they present this Argentine Gelato. I made room.


Argentine Gelato

Check out our quick video of this delicious Argentinian dinner:




Artango Bar & Steakhouse is located at 4767 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL. They're open for dinner seven nights a week and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Take a tour of Argentinean cuisine at Artango Bar & Steakhouse in Chicago. You can also take a spin on the dance floor with their free lessons. Check out why you should visit Artango in #Chicago. #USA #Tango #argentinecuisine
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4767 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625
The 180-seat Artango draws inspiration from the 1920s golden age of Buenos Aires. Featuring parrilla-grilled steaks, Prohibition-era cocktails, and lively late night weekend Tango dancing.
Artango Bar and Steakhouse

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