Watson Adventures puts on a variety of scavenger hunts throughout Chicago for kids, teens and adults. 

I recently went on The Mad Science Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Science and Technology. After meeting with the hunt's leader and opposing teams, my friend and I received a list of questions, including the locations in the museum where the answers could be found. 

As we toured the Fairy Castle, the Coal Mine, Yesterday's Main Street, You! The Experience and other exhibits, it was a relief to discover we didn't need to know anything about science or technology in order to succeed at the game. We just had to search through each exhibit to find dates and names and figure out what kind of electronics poop can power. That last one was found in the Farm Tech area.

However, other clues were a little trickier and we had to get creative. Like figuring out what would make someone cry in their beer in the miniature model of Downtown and what an inflatable woman referred to in the submarine exhibit. Those two took a while.

My teammate was worried we would need a bigger team to get through the 20 - 30 questions, but we finished in the allotted time of two hours. Although, we did have to race through the museum (which is probably frowned upon) to get to the meeting point on time.

After the answer sheets were scored, we placed third. Considering there were about seven teams (most with more than two players), we considered it a success. But even if we came in last place, it still would have been a fun way to spend a chilly Saturday afternoon in Chicago.

The next scavenger is hunt is a murder mystery at The Art Institute of Chicago on February 1 at 2:00pm.

Other Chicago attractions Watson Adventures utilizes for scavenger hunts include, The Field Museum, movie locations in The Loop, restaurants in Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Entry into the museums, which you can explore more in-depth afterwards, is included in the cost.