Last week, The Local Tourist tested its taste buds when asked by Lettuce Entertain You’s Wow Bao restaurant to stuff their face in a bao eating contest at its 1 W Wacker location (@ State & Lake). 2 minutes, as many bao as you can eat, and nothing but glory at the bottom of a plate.

Challenge accepted.

While the results were less than brag-worthy (TLT managed to scarf down 4 baos to the round winner’s impressive 8 ½), getting there was damn delicious.

Now it’s your turn. The preliminary round of eat-offs will be held nightly at Wow Bao State & Lake all week - beginning Monday, August 18 until Friday, August 22. The top two finishers each night will be invited to compete in the Championship Saturday, August 23.

The Local Tourist Insider Tip: Keep your regulation glass of water within arm’s reach – for frequent sips or Kobayashi-style full dunks before you bite in.

The potential bounty:

Every contestant will receive a $2 Wow Bao mobile credit for every bao they chow within the two minute competition.

The person who eats the most bao during their two minute preliminary round will also receive the following:

  • Wow Bao lunch for 20
  • Qualify for the Championship


The person who eats the second most bao during their two minute preliminary round will also receive:

  • Wow Bao lunch for 10
  • Quality for the Championship


The Championship will be held on Saturday, August 23, 2014, 2p.m. at Water Tower Place Level 2. For every bao eaten during this two minute Championship each contestant will receive a $10 Lettuce Entertain You gift card!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive the following:

  • $10 Lettuce Entertain You gift card for every bao eaten during the Championship
  • Free Wow Bao for a Year


While the preliminary rounds are currently filled, put yourself on the waiting list at Word to the wise…come hungry…we hear last year’s winner took down 12 bao without blinking. Rock star.