Da Lobsta Introduces Summer Dishes

Da Lobsta kale salad

Da Lobsta, the go-to place for lobster rolls in Chicago, is ready for summer with the introduction of warm weather dishes.

While a bowl of chowder is great when it's 20ºF outside, it’s kind of gross when it’s warmer than 60ºF, and just wrong when it’s over 80ºF. To make sure no one misses out on shellfish – Da Lobsta serves lobster, crab, and shrimp – this summer, they have introduced refreshing dishes.

Lobster kale salad includes corn and black beans with a zesty dressing. Da Lobsta’s lobster pasta salad is nothing like that mushy stuff sold behind deli counters; it is so much better. The pasta is cooked so it still has integrity, and the little shells hold on to bits of lobster meat.

Summer picnics demand deviled eggs so Da Lobsta has lobster deviled eggs. And a fun take on potato chips: served in the bag, topped with house made cheese sauce, grated cheese, and, of course, morsels of lobster meat.

The lobster – or crab, or shrimp – rolls are still available, of course. The traditional New England is by far the best roll on the menu. The “ethnic” rolls – the Indian, the Asian, the Greek, and the Mexican – are more about the toppings than the seafood beneath, which is a shame.

This summer is proving to be a busy one for Da Lobsta. Look for the Da Lobsta truck with the friendly bespectacled lobster mascot rolling around Chicago soon.

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