My first introduction to Chef Enoch Simpson's culinary creations was his infamous doughnuts. He made his start with his doughnuts for Nightwood's brunch service several years ago. He has come a long way since then, opening his own restaurant with his brother, offering savory in addition to his doughnuts. Endgrain may seem like a casual American restuarant, but it embodies the components of fine dining in its delivery. It is the first restaurant I have encountered that does breakfast, brunch, and dinner well - consistently. An added plus - the brunch and dinner menus rotate based on the availability of farmers markets ingredients.

The beauty of having your own restaurant is the opportunity to experiment and play around with flavors. In addition to his classic bacon butterscotch doughnut, Chef Enoch offers a rotation of other doughnuts. Problem is, it makes it difficult to choose. I usually have to pick a couple of selections every time I visit. Other flavors may include Mochanut, Nutella Milkstout, or Bourbon Vanilla (you may notice I tried many, looking at my photo gallery!). The downside of his delicious doughnuts, is that they run out pretty quickly. Make sure you get there early for a good selection, otherwise you will miss out. Another delectable delight for the sweet tooth is the Doughscuit. It is a morph of his signature biscuit and doughnut. Cronut lovers - eat your heart out. This is a sweeter deal. For the savory breakfast item, try the egg strata, which uses the house biscuit and is available with a meat and vegetarian option. If you love coffee like me, you will love the La Columbe offering for drip coffee and espresso selections. The butterscotch latte is not to be missed for those wanting a sweeter espresso option.

Brunch options range from entrees such as the chorizo sope (with soft boiled egg, fresh ricotta, charred tomato salsa, and cilantro) and the biscuit sandwiches (my favorite is the fried chicken biscuit sandwich). The options for sides range from the traditional (eggs, bacon, biscuit, sausage) to the non-traditional (seasonal kimchi and crispy marbled potatoes). Speaking of fried chicken, make sure you try Chef Enoch's signature fried chicken dinner. The chicken was perfectly cooked - crispy skin and moist chicken. The biscuits and sausage gravy to sop everything up was out of this world. I am salivating right now thinking about it. I wish my picture of it turned out so you can see, but you will have to trust my description - get it! Chef Enoch nailed it on other dishes as well, so you cannot go wrong. A small tip - it is BYOB, so make sure you bring your favorite bottle of choice to enjoy with dinner.

Endgrain is an excellent addition to the Roscoe VIllage neighborhood. Even though I live in Pilsen, I would make the trek to Roscoe Village. I usually have no issues getting in. For selfish reasons, I hope it stays that way, but I can see this to be the destination for dining in Roscoe Village.