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Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 12:22pm

According to a Harvard Business Review research team, 87% of karaoke night are impulse decisions, and when I say HBR research team, I mean my personal experiences. We all know the decision to venture to a karaoke bar is usually unplanned, but thats half the fun! What can happen from time to time is the night can take a turn for the worst. When you arrive at the bar, you can enter an audition for American Idol, or worse, a Broadway production. To keep your night enjoyable, and everyone else’s in attendance, here are some classic karaoke tips. Enjoy! 


1. Go with a good group of friends. Karaoke can be a bit awkward for a first group date. Go with friends you are comfortable with, and have some history. This will help with song selection and your confidence as a karaoke singer.

2. Don’t make it about you. Karaoke is about having fun with your friends, and the other people in the bar/restaurant. The second the crowd thinks you are there auditioning for American Idol, they will turn on you.  

3. Sing popular songs. There is nothing worse than someone going up there and singing a random song from the summer of 87’ that was never popular. While one person has the mic on stage, everyone in the audience is there to sing. Pick a song that the crowd can sing along with. This is a great tip for those of you who are a bit shy, and want some help while singing. Some classic  tgo-to songs include anything by Journey, Queen or classic boyband, Disney, or the always popular track Ice Ice Baby

4. Don’t sing depressing songs. Okay, we all love Imagine by the Beatles, and Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, but karaoke nights are all about having fun! Who wants to bring the mood down and make us question the poor choices in our lives? Keep it happy people.

5. Know your range: We all sing the shower. We all know what we are capable of. Choose songs that you can actually sing. Michael Jackson has some smazing songs, but if you sound bass…maybe an MJ song not such a good idea.

6. Confidence is King: No matter how bad a singer you think you are, if you own the stage and the mic, the crowd will love you. Have a shot or two of liquid confidence, get up there and pretend you are JT for five minutes. You can do it!     

7. Have fun! Karaoke should always be fun. You’re out with your friends, singing cheesy songs, with a group of strangers. Remember that no matter what happens you probably will never see the random people in the crowd again, and that whatever you sing and sound like doesn’t really matter. How many times have you been asked about your karaoke skills in an interview? 

Chicago Karaoke Spots:

Now that you are loaded up with some karaoke tips, check out some of these tops spots in Chicago!

Blue Frog Bar and Grill: Great downtown, hole in the wall, karaoke joint. Check this place on Tuesday – Saturday nights for great karaoke. Price is great for the location!

Trader Todd’s: Lakeview’s karaoke spot. Every night of the week Todd has got karaoke. They even have a shuttle bus that can take you to and from! I haven’t tried the shuttle service, but the bus looks really cool!

Lincoln Karaoke: Great place for a karaoke group. Individual rooms for small to large groups, which will help with the nerves; now you don’t have to sing in front of strangers! 

Sakura Karaoke Lounge: The Chinese take their karaoke very seriously. Known as KTV in the Chinese culture, it is not uncommon to discuss business over some karaoke. Enjoy private rooms with multiple microphones at this Chinatown spot.

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