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Wells Street Market

The new Wells Street Market defies a couple of conventions. First, that a food-centered marketplace has to be cuisine centric, like Eataly, or Latinicity.

Reid Bar

Chicago needs more bars like the Reid Bar, street level in River Roast, on LaSalle by the river. Reid is part of River Roast but it’s also not. River Roast is a bi-level restaurant. You walk in then walk downstairs to dine.

In the upstairs event space over Bad Hunter, hosted and properly boozed by Hendricks Gin and their gin-teacup-holster-sporting Ambassador, Mattias Horseman, Time


AIRE, a sleek lounge at the top of Hyatt Centric, is back for another season of breezy cocktailing. Chin-chin!


Lifeline Theatre presents Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, an epic quest for the hero within.

Hubbard Street Dance is back for its 40th season of critically acclaimed Summer Series.

Che Figate

Che Figata just opened in Naperville at the Hotel Arista and you should go there for a lot of reasons.

Time flies when you’re having fun... literally! Chicago is filled with incredible opportunities and one of those is with the Chicago Helicopter Experience.

Optima Rebel Yell

It’s rare to have a perfect moment, but I had one at the press reveal for Optima Chicago last night.

Photo by Daniel Boczarski

Opening day at Impact Stadium proved a few things about Chicago: we really like having Wiener’s Circle as a vendor; we drink our weight in beer at baseball games; and we can be a three-team city.

Movies in the Park

As soon as summer rolls around Chicagoans flock outside like seagulls to a busy harbor.

This post is brought to you by Brickworld, and our partnership means you get to save money on your tickets to this event!

Riot Fest, one of Chicago's biggest music festivals, just announced the first wave of their amazing lineup this evening!  This three-day event is happening September 14, 15 and 16 at Douglas Park.

bette davis is not for sissies jessica sherr

Bette Davis might’ve killed a guy. Specifically, her second husband, Arthur Farnsworth, a man whose name sounds like it was made up for a cartoon. He collapsed on a street in Hollywood, went into a coma, and died shortly after.

Chicago Skyline Sunset

The official, OFFICIAL start of summer in Chicago is here! Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of the best season in Chicago. It's festival season; it's rooftop bar season; and, it's boat season.

Tree Top's Roasted Leg of Lamb

Ravinia.  That perennial summer favorite for Chicago concert lovers.  Tickets have gone on sale and there are 140 events scheduled for Ravinia this summer featuring acts as varied as Loverboy, Alison Kraus, 50 Cent, Tony Bennett and the Chicago Sympho

When I announced that we were going to be hosting a Chef's Table event at Dog Haus Biergarten, a few people were thrown. "Hot dogs?? A Chef's Table for hot dogs?"

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