The first question you're going to ask yourself when you take a bite of Garrett Popcorn's Smoky Cheesecorn is "WHY? Why oh why is this only available for a limited time????"


Imagine Garrett's hot-air popped corn stirred into freshly melted cheddar cheese and infused with a wisp of hickory smoke. It's like sausage and cheese in one bite. It's delicious. It's addicting. It's...

(hold on - I need to wipe the cheese off my fingers)'s only here for a short while. They're going to stop making this amazing concoction at the end of July. You can get it by ordering online* or stopping into one of their many locations. Go ahead and get some Chicago mix while you're at it.

Garrett Popcorn provided a big ol' tin of this deliciousness so we could try it out for ourselves. And we're oh, so glad they did.