Meat Candy and Mechanical Pigs at Chicago Bacon Chase

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On June 7, 2014, invited bacon lovers to run for their meat candy. They could run a 5K or, for those intrepid souls that dared to brave a gut-wrenching 164 feet, a 0.05K. At the finish line they were rewarded with unlimited bacon, a bloody mary, and a chance to ride a mechanical pig.
We arrived shortly before nine, when the 5K would start. The corrals were filled with people in pig costumes, in tutus, in plain ol' running shorts, and in bacon strips. There were avid runners and those who were just in it for the bacon.
After the "real" runners took off the rest of us lined up in the corral for the 0.05K. We waited anxiously as every two minutes we'd hear that sweet, sumptuous word, "BACON", announcing that the next wave was on its way to the finish line. There were kids on their dads' shoulders. There were strollers and canes. There was even a guy in a cast on crutches. This was the great equalizer, a chance for anyone to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line.
After the finish line volunteers kept tables stocked with water and with trays and trays of bacon. They got more mileage than any of the participants as bacon flew off the tables faster than a sprinter off a starting block. With bacon in hands everyone made their way to the bloody marys. After that the only thing left to conquer was the mechanical pig.
It was a glorious way to spend a Saturday morning, and we captured it in all its glory in the video below.
Want to join in the fun? Head north for the  on July 14. They're planning other races all over the country, so be sure to check out other .

Chicago Bacon Chase 2014

4400 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL
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