Parts and Labor Adds 16 Craft Draft Beers

Parts and Labor

, 2700 N Milwaukee Ave, has already made a name for itself with its $10 burger, curly fries, and beer special. Russ Grant, owner of P&L and other Logan Square favorites and , created the burgers as an homage to Wonderburger. His dad opened that southside classic in 1954 and now Russ is continuing the tradition of griddle burgers.

 is also known for craft beer, but up until now their selections have been limited to bottles and cans. Now they've added sixteen draft lines. Lots of local brews are on tap, including Chicago Pilsner, Fabulosa Porter and Gatecrasher IPA. They've also added one of the best sours in the world, Monk's Cafe Flemish.

Draft beers are priced at $6 - $7, bottles are anywhere from $3 for Miller High Life to $14 for the 22oz Lagunitas Nighttime Ale. Their collection of craft cocktails are all just $8.


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2700 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Serving the classic griddle burger alongside a modern soda program, beers that run the gamut from cult favorite to craft, and a carefully curated spirit selection.
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