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DATE: 8/28/06
HEADLINE: "Serilian" wins the 1st Round of ChicagoROX

With 95% of voters deciding to "Keep 'Em", "Serilian" is the winner in the first round of ChicagoROX. "Serilian" competed with local bands "Escape From Earth," "Inept," and "Treaty Of Paris". Previously "Treaty Of Paris" led the pack with 93.1% of voters choosing to "Keep 'Em".

Beginning July 31, features a different Chicago band each week. Visitors to this popular website for downtown Chicago listen to one of the band's songs and then vote whether to "Keep 'Em" or "Chuck 'Em". Every four weeks the band with the highest percentage moves onto the annual contest. Each band also has their own dedicated bio page and their next Chicago show is listed.

"Serilian" is the first finalist and will compete with 12 other finalists next year to be selected as The Local Tourist's favorite Chicago band.

Theresa Carter, founder of, is thrilled with the quality of bands she's been able to feature. "There's such incredible talent in this city that I felt compelled to start introducing it to the world," she said. "About half of TLT's site visitors are tourists, and when they come to Chicago they're missing out if they don't get a taste of the local music scene."

She said her local visitors also benefit. "With the plethora of bands and live music venues in Chicago, how do you know who to see? That's why only bands with upcoming shows are featured."

That's actually how she conceived ChicagoROX. She saw a local band in a "little dive bar," as she puts it, and there were only eleven other people, including the bartender. "That was when I had the idea to profile a different local band {on} for an entire week," she said.

Ms. Carter explained why she thought this addition would fit in with the rest of “Thousands of people visit the site every day, and they're all looking for something to do. I try to point out the activities that make tourists feel like locals, and locals feel like tourists, so Chicago ROX is a natural extension. Even as a local I had no idea where to start when it came to picking a band to see, besides word of mouth. This is word of mouth taken a bit farther.”

Even though ChicagoROX has received several submissions, Ms. Carter invites all local bands to send their music by visiting

Theresa Carter is available for interviews. Please call (312)282-7466 or email